We’ve Moved!

Hi guys! We moved to a new website. We now have our own domain. Wohoo!

Visit us at: http://jujaswe.com/


All future updates on games and stuff will be posted there.

Thanks and have a good day!


Second Sun Update #1

I made a new test map for the game. Most of the environment assets are from UE4’s Vehicle game demo.

I also added in a backpack (placeholder asset for now) and a utility belt. I’m planning on giving these items some bonus stats for each unit that has one equipped.

ss5 ss6

I wanted a sort of desert, post-apocalyptic feel. A good example would be the setting of Book of Eli, if you have watched that movie.

ss7 ss8

Progress on Latest Game

Second Sun (temporary title) is a turn-based, tactical, strategy game set in a post-nuclear world. I’m aiming for a mix of XCOM and Valkyria Chronicles in terms of gameplay mechanics wherein you have 3 modes:

  1. Command Mode – a bird’s-eye view where you can see your troops and environment.
  2. Action Mode – third person view in which you can move around with your selected character/unit
  3. Shooting Mode – zoomed/ironsight third person view where you can shoot your target. Recoil affects aim and so your bullets can miss while shooting

For the graphics, I’m looking for a sort of semi-realistic art style. ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4 Currently, the possessing, shooting, and moving mechanics (including parkour) are functioning. Made in Unreal Engine 4.

Shadow Arts Entry #6

I’ve been adding a lot of cool stuff to Shadow Arts for the past few days.

A cool new parallax background


New UI elements such as those little action bars at the top and a skill bar at the bottom.


You’ll also notice a new enemy type. That guy with the two-handed axe. He packs quite a punch.

I’ll be adding more soon, like new enemies and cool special attacks!